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● RELATIVELY HIGH YIELDS ❖ Bottom-line yields in excess of 20% are not unusual for many R/E investments ❖ Yields can exceed 20% ❖ Profits exceed or at least match average yields on other investments ● LEVERAGING OPPORTUNITIES ❖ Highest leveraging opportunities of any investment alternative Schedule a brief call with Frank: ● INCOME TAX FLEXIBILITY ❖ R/E allows its […]

Secrets to building a strong real estate portfolio

Real estate ownership can provide a means for accumulating great wealth. In order to establish a valuable investment portfolio, one must work hard, take carefully calculated risks, and apply appropriate leverage. One way to acquire a substantial amount of real estate is to periodically refinance those properties already owned and then use the proceeds to […]

Opportunities in Real Estate for 2023

It has been a wild year for the real estate and financial markets, but this is also creating some interesting opportunities. And before I get into those opportunities, I just want to say that I believe that the first quarter of 2023 is gonna produce some amazing deals, and that’s why I wanted to make […]